Philia Lanraiellyn

Ex-Military Guardian of Anfyn


She is a shortish elf with short white hair. Her skin is tanned. Her face is a little softer than a regular elven face and is quite lovely. She has a little button nose that is slightly upturned. She is a little “thicker” than one might expect of an elf but it does extenuate her curves and makes her fairly buxom. Her big eyes are crystal blue and twinkle with good humored intelligence. Her mouth is almost always curved into a wry smile.

In combat she wields an ornate longbow, made of a dark wood (black walnut) and tipped with animal horn. Magic encompasses her quiver, bow, or the arrows themselves, making it looks like she is shooting sparkling light from her bow. She will often take multiple quivers on an outing. She also has an odd spear like weapon that folds up. When unfolded it appears to be a 14" blade with two 7" curved blades angled up from the base. The two smaller blades are only single edged. The total length is about 8 feet long when unfolded.

When out and about, she used to wear her SunQuest issued military uniform. Now she wears sturdy traveling boots, soft breeches, a long sleeve shirt, padded gloves, a long grey cloak with a hood, and corset type armor. She always has a small silver band with a green gem on her right ring finger.


Philia Lanraiellyn

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